Top 5 Motivational Tips to Lose Weight

The weight loss episode on 20/20 that aired on 01/04/2013 made me realize how each one of us has gone through a period where being obese was the biggest worry on the planet for us, even if the pounds we had put on were hardly visible. When it comes to losing weight, most of us cringe, change the topic, get offended, or at least give the false pretense that we can definitely lose it if we chose to. For you and me, a few pounds here and there are nothing to worry about; however, when the question is about obesity, there is no better time to lose weight than right now.

The first segment of this episode became a particular favorite of mine for a number of reasons. First, I was too curious to see how Richard, Ashley, and Leah managed to cut down their food intake and deal with food addiction. Second, what motivated them to do so and third, how did they achieve long term weight loss, because needless to say, the problem is not how to lose weight, it is how to maintain that ideal weight for a long while.

One important aspect highlighted in the show, and one that was common to all three cases, was that the right moment needs to come by for one to make such a strong resolve that all the food in the world cannot make you cave in! This right moment will be different for every individual but it will be the turning point of his or her life. For Richard, the turning point in his life started when he realized how his food addiction was affecting his marriage. Unable to start a family with his wife, Richard knew instantly that no matter how lightly he had taken obesity, it was high time to bring a change. In the same way, for Leah, the most romantic of lunches with her husband made for a very motivating turning point in life, from which she has never looked back.

It is pleasing to see that these three participants are not even high maintenance celebrities, but regular people like you and me. If they can find it in them to start living a healthier life with the help of weight loss exercises and a proper diet, surely one such motivational moment will be in store for the rest of us as well. You will find tons of literature on how to lose weight by running, weight loss yoga, various exercises, with or without equipment, and by maintaining a certain diet. However, what this literature leaves out is the motivational aspect, without which it is impossible to sketch a weight loss road map.

Try these top five motivational tips to kick-start your weight loss regimen:

  • Motivate yourself to fit into your favorite dress from your favorite shop. You know you need to put a lot of effort to fit in it, but you also know that you want to look your best at the anniversary party.
  • Read an inspirational story to see how others have coped with obesity. Motivation is contagious even through the pages of a book! Think of how happy your family would feel if you pulled yourself out of this condition.
  • There is no better way to cure an ailment than losing those extra pounds that keep making you feel under the weather. Obesity is a proven cause for problems such as depression, blood pressure and constant migraines.
  • Are you someone who only talks and does nothing? Join the gym or start walking to and from work to prove it to yourself that you can do it.
  • Promise yourself a gift or a vacation once you reach your target weight. A unique gift that you have always wanted or a vacation that is long due can greatly motivate you to attain a goal.For more information on weight loss and work out tips. Top 5 Motivational Tips to Lose Weight
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